The company PPH ERJOT was established in 1987. Since that time we have been successively developing our machine park and production opportunities. The result of this development are two production plants employing at the moment over 80 people. We own an extensive machine park (apart from a wide range of traditional machine tools such as CNC lathes, horizontal CNC machining centres, splines mills, powerful hardening furnaces etc.), which makes it possible for us to carry out most of orders in the field of metalworking. We employ experienced management personnel and highly-qualified workers. The activity of our comany characterize punctuality and high quality of our products. We have implemented ISO 9001:2000 quality management systen in order to increase the certainty of our clients as to the orders that we carry out.

For 20 years we have worked out a good contact with several clients. These are: foundries of grey and spheroidal iron, cast steel, drop forges, hardening plants, tool-rooms and others. We also cooperate with different suppliers of ready-made componentsof e.g. bearings, rubber parts or plastic goods. These contacts allow us to carry out orders not only for elements made on our machine tools but also complicated subassemblies or ready-made market goods.